The Lost Years of Merlin (series) was about the childhood of Merlin. These go all the way up to The Wings of Merlin, or A Wizard's Wings, which is the 5th book. The first book is The Lost Years of Merlin. The second book is The Seven Songs, where Merlin learns humility, and goes from a hot-headed hubris boy to a more mature, humble teenager. The third book is the Raging Fires, where Merlin must face a dragon that has awoken, and meets his future spouse, Eo-Lahallia, or Hallia. The fourth is the Mirror of Merlin, where they embark a journey and meet Nimue, the future, older, Merlin, Arthur, and figure out why the Marsh Ghouls act so weird, which they soon figure out. The fifth book, alas, is the Wizard's Wings, where Merlin and his people gain wings back. Please edit and make stronger!

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