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T.A barron

-Read the books. Certainly, definently, absolutely a good idea.

-Page titles have the character's full name, but no titles. For example, for Basil, you would say Basilgarrad, but not add Wings of Peace.

-The pages are all canon. If you have a fanfiction or fanart or a random idea, make a blog post and write it there or put it on your user-page, but don't put it in the article itself. Please. Actually, fanart's fine, as long as it shows something relevant to the page.

-If you make a new page, could you add categories?

-If possible, watch your spelling and grammar so other people don't have to go around correcting you. It also makes the wiki look better and is easier to read.

If possible, please make an acount. It makes life easier for everyone and facilitates communication, especially if you are using several computers....

Most of this wiki is filled with subs.

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Ice cream, along with helicopters are the best inventions of the 20th century. --Merlin

Ogre's eyeballs! --a lot of people actually

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