Merlin is the world most famous wizard. His mother was Elen, his father was Stangmar, and his sister was Rhia. He was the narrator of the Lost Years of Merlin series, in which he planted the seed that grew into Avalon. He has black hair and black eyes.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Born Emrys, to Stangmar of Fincayra and Elen of Earth. An ancient law of Fincayra forbade that a child with human and Fincayran parents to be born on Fincayra. Before his death , Elen attempted to sail away from Fincayra, but a storm drove the ship back to the shores. The law demanded the death of Elen and the banishment of Emrys. This drove Stangmar to strike a deal with Rhita Gawr, to save the life of Elen. That deal required Stangmar to kill Merlin as a young boy. Elen would not allow Stangmar to kill her son, and fled Fincayra.hello

Upon escaping Fincayra, the then seven year-old Merlin washed upon the shore of Gwynedd. Having hit his head he lost all his memories, including his own name. On that shore he found Elen, unconscious, and they were attacked by a vicious scarred boar, and saved by a brown eyed stag.

For many years, Elen and Emrys lived in a village named Caer Vedwyd. Elen took the name of Branwen, and told Emrys his name was Emrys, but nothing else. This infuriated Emrys, and consequently, he did not believe her about either of their names, or that she was his mother. Around age 12, Emrys began to discover his magic. An older boy in the village, Dinatius, frequently bullied Emrys and Branwen. Eventually, Emrys fought back using his magic. In saving Branwen, he had severely burned Dinatius and himself, leaving Dinatius at the edge of life and death, and Emrys scarred and blind.

Branwen took Emrys to a monastery and began to heal him to the best of her abilities. She and Emrys make a vow that if Emrys could see again, he would never use his powers again. Almost immediately, Emrys received his "second sight." After it had improved sufficiently, Emrys set out to find his past, home, and his real name. Branwen gave him a satchel of healing herbs, and the Galator, a green pendant with untold powers. Emrys began his journey by returning to the shore upon which he had awoken, set sail in a small raft that he built.

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