The Grand Elusa is a massive, magical spider who was a resident of both Lost Fincayra and Avalon.

The Grand Elusa made her first appearance during ‘The Lost Years of Merlin‘. Emrys, as Merlin was called then, and Rhia were making their way through the Druma Wood. Rhia was looking for answers about the blight affecting the Druma, and Emrys chose to accompany her. As Merlin pulled on a ‘honeycomb’, which turned out to be Shim’s nose, the struggle caused the ground underneath them to break, and Emrys, Rhia, and Shim all fell into the spider’s lair.

In ‘The Seven Sings of Merlin’, the Grand Elusa is first shown at the Great Council which is called to decide the fate of the surviving wise tools. She suggests that Merlin try the harp.

In ‘The Wings of Merlin’, the Grand Elusa fights at the Battle of Fincayra.

In ‘Merlin’s Dragon’, the Grand Elusa is seen attending Merlin’s wedding to the deer-woman, Hallia. She volunteers quite eagerly to devour any intruders.

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